ultimate W+ whitening foam




Melanogenesis is the natural biochemical process responsible for production of the skin pigments that give the skin color and protect it from UV radiation. This process can be altered by exogenous and/or endogenous factors that trigger localized overproduction of melanin, causing unsightly blotches and uneven skin tone. The main cause of melanin overproduction is exposure to the sun. However, genetic factors, hormonal factors, skin aging, photosensitizing agents, etc. also play a role.

Active Ingredients

Aloe vera

Powerful hydrating, soothing and whitening action. Helps to eliminate small blemishes.

Glycolic and lactic acid

Alpha hydroxy acids with keratolytic action. Promotes cell renewal and strengths the natural barrier capacity of the skin.


Makeup removal action. Indicated for cleansing and purifying the skin in daily cleansing processes. Its creamy texture changes to soft foam which rinses off easily, leaving the skin moisturized, fresh and luminous.

Instruction for use

Morning and night

Apply morning and night. Deposit a small quantity on the palm of the hand and form an emulsion with water to create a nice lather. Massage gently on the face using circular movements and rinsing with abundant water.